Criminal Justice

Key changes: ​

  • Increasing Delaware recidivism rate 

  • Expanding expungements  to some felonies after extended period of no contact with the criminal justice system

  • Expunging marijuana convictions

  • Access to transitional housing and long term housing 

  • Mental health triage and long-term care

Repairing our criminal justice system

Our Criminal Justice system is broken. Our current laws and policies are broken. Delaware cannot move forward with a broken and biased criminal justice system. From instances of police brutality to systemic inequities produced by overly-punitive sentencing laws and guidelines to the barriers to jobs, education, and housing posed by a criminal record, the devastating consequences of our harsh, ineffective, and costly criminal justice system have fallen overwhelmingly on low-income people and communities of color. At least 3,278 people in our state were serving life sentences without parole for drug, property, and other nonviolent crimes in 2012. In order to move Delaware forward, we must hold police accountable, protect the rights of the incarcerated, reform harsh sentencing laws, end unjust practices like cash bail, combat racial inequities, and push for investments in alternatives to incarceration.  

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