Transforming Transportation


Key changes:

  • Expand public transportation

  • Build a light rail system that connects Wilmington to Dover

  • Expand roadways for the increasing number of vehicles on the road

  • Increase the number of electric charging stations

  • Recalibrate traffic lights along state highways and roads to ease traffic congestion

  • Improve environmental safety guidelines to ensure the stability and viability of Delaware's wildlife and natural resources

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, Delaware's infrastructure is in dire need of repairs and substantial upgrades. For example, driving on roads that require repair in Delaware costs each driver $487 per year, and 4.4% of bridges are rated structurally deficient. Drinking water treatments called for in Delaware are an estimated $1.74 billion, and wastewater needs total $206 million. 63 dams are considered to be high-hazard potential. The state’s schools have an estimated capital expenditure gap of $102 million. This deteriorating infrastructure impedes Delaware’s ability to compete in an increasingly global marketplace. Success in a 21st century economy requires serious, sustained leadership on infrastructure investment at all levels of government. Delaying these investments only escalates the cost and risks of an aging infrastructure system, an option that the country, Delaware, and families can no longer afford.

In a effort to relieve roadway congestion and alleviate the damage and disturbance to our environmental ecosystems, it is time for Delawareans to consider a light rail train system to connect Northern Delaware with Southern Delaware and all parts in between. Our elected leaders have wasted precious time and money lobbying for other state transit agencies to create transportation hubs in Delaware instead of developing and enhancing our own transportation system. Now is the time to fund DART (Delaware Authority for Regional Transportation) to invest in connecting Wilmington to Dover. All Delawareans stand to benefit from the creation of a light rail system that will reduce roadway congestion and improve our air quality within the First State. 

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