Key changes:
  • Fully legalize marijuana

  • Expunge all convictions related to selling and distributing marijuana in Delaware

  • Ensure minorities have equal and fair opportunities to obtain business licenses for the sale and distribution of marijuana

  • Direct a portion of revenue to communities negatively impacted by the criminalization of marijuana

Now is the time to legalize marijuana in Delaware

Now is the time for Delaware to fully legalize marijuana. There are many economic benefits of medical and recreational marijuana for our state. Delaware has made small steps in opening the pathways for the marijuana industry. However, before supporting such measures, I would suggest that 15% of any marijuana business licenses issued would go to minority business owners. Additionally, I will propose that those minority business owners have a lower fee for obtaining such licenses. And I would only support the full legalization of marijuana in Delaware if the records of all Delaware citizens convicted of marijuana-based crimes are expunged. Finally, I believe that a portion of the revenue earned by marijuana should go toward depressed communities in Wilmington and Dover, as a part of a restorative justice initiative. 

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