Police Reform

Key changes: ​

  • Make changes to the Delaware Police Officers Bill of Rights

  • Make public all Internal Affairs Reports of Officer Misconduct

  • Establish Community Review Boards for all law enforcement agencies in Delaware

  • Create a State Agency to investigate all allegations of law enforcement officer misconduct

  • Increase diversity within the law enforcement profession

  • Demilitarize the police

The culture of policing must change

Generational and systemic racism, prejudices, and implicit biases are hallmarks of our local, state and national law enforcement agencies. Implicit biases and racist cultures have allowed officers to police Black citizens in a manner which dehumanizes and devalues our lives. This culture has been a parasite on our local, state and nation’s law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement unions, the court system, and legislators have all been co-conspirators in fostering a system that fails to treat Black and minority citizens equally. Police unions are  culpable in promoting a culture where officers use excessive and deadly force on Black citizens. These unions have strong-armed law enforcement agencies into allowing bad officers to retain their careers and insured that almost no transgression is grounds for termination. It is glaringly evident that we cannot depend on law enforcement agencies to police themselves. 

Clearly today our state and local law enforcement agencies need reform. New laws and policies are desperately needed to ensure transparency and justice for the actions of criminally and willfully negligent officers. We must dismantle and challenge the policies and mechanisms used by law enforcement agencies and their unions that allow these officers to avoid prosecution for their conduct. Contrary to what many law enforcement agencies may believe, one bad officer does spoil the image of the entire profession. Police reform that addresses the valid concerns of Black citizens cannot be fixed in one or two lines of a legislative bill. Now is not the time for symbolic gestures and feel-good collaborative legislative photo shoots.

Under Delaware Law, Title 11 Chapter 92; the Law-Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights restricts the release of personnel information relating to suspensions and other disciplinary actions of a police officer. Any public agency that fears transparency and accountability should be denied taxpayer dollars. In order to move Delaware's law enforcement agencies forward, personnel records and investigative reports must be available for public scrutiny. 

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