I support responsible gun ownership

Gun Rights

Key changes:

  • Create a task force to pursue individuals who are barred from gun ownership but still attempt to purchase firearms

  • Require liability insurance for people who own 5 or more high powered assault rifles

  • Mandate that owners of multiple firearms have a two-layer safe to securely store weapons

  • Expand recourse for victims of gun violence to recover civil damages from negligent gun owners, gun manufacturers, and gun distributors

I am in favor of responsible gun ownership in the state of Delaware. I support our current state guidelines on concealed carry licenses. I believe our 2nd Amendment is clear about the right to bear arms, but as with any historical document, the contemporary context must be considered as well. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the State to require that citizens within its jurisdiction are compliant with modern gun safety measures and are keeping the weapons secured and out of reach of any unauthorized person.  I will write a bill requiring gun owners who possess high powered assault rifles to keep these weapons in a steel gun safe with multiple layers of security to prevent unintended use. Also, I will offer a bill requiring owners of five or more high-powered assault rifles to carry additional liability insurance so that victims of gun violence or their families have financial recourse in case of injury or death. Finally, I will propose a bill creating a task force to help prevent individuals who are barred from gun ownership from successfully purchasing firearms. 

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