Small Business & Landlord

Key changes:

  • Tax breaks for commercial landlords who move rent payments to the end of their leases

  • Tax incentives for private landlords who forgo evictions during the Covid-19 pandemic 

  • State grants and loans to assist small businesses to remain open

  • State grants and loans for small businesses who continue to pay workers during Covid-19 closures

Small business & landlords

To relieve the immediate financial threat facing many Delaware small businesses, I would propose a bill that immediately offers property tax breaks to any commercial landlord who moves past due rental payments to the end of current leases. For owners of residential properties I would propose legislation that would create similar incentives for landlords who forgo evictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, I would advocate for additional short-term funding to assist Delaware businesses suffering hardships during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


In order to grow minority businesses within Delaware, I would create legislation that provides opportunities for minority-owned businesses to compete for and obtain state contracts. I would close loopholes that allow businesses that are not 80% or more minority owned to compete for such contracts. Moreover, I will support state grants to help sustain women-owned businesses in their first year of operation.

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